CA. Uttam Prakash Agarwal

Former President, Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI), 2009-10 & a Mercurial Figure in World Chartered Accountancy Domain)

I take immense pleasure in humbly introducing this unique concept of UPACA Gurukul. Having been a CA for the past two and a half decades, it has always been my wish to do my bit for this wonderful profession called Chartered Accountancy. This profession has given me fame, accolades and more importantly – a sense of true achievement. UPACA Gurukul, my long-standing dream, is my way of giving back to the CA fraternity what it has given to me till now.

During my tenure as President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and as an office bearer of ICAI at National and Regional levels for more than a decade, I have observed one thing prominently – the ever growing reach and popularity of CA profession and the increasing influx of students opting for the Chartered Accountancy course had led to mounting pressure on the existing infrastructure, resulting in insufficient facilities.

This inadequate infrastructure had been a major obstacle for CA students in their path to achieve excellence and success. This had compelled CA students to be snared by the web of coaching classes and be manipulated by their monopoly. This over dependence on coaching classes had allowed their mushrooming wherein the coaching was devoid of personal attention or conceptual knowledge and teaching namesake.

I firmly believed that there was a severe lack of alignment between industry requirements, system of education and facilities available to students. Although the course content and the features like practical training charted by ICAI are aptly suited to industry requirements, students are not able to realize its benefits as effectively as they should.

Coupled with this, students also faced many other problems like balancing their graduation course alongwith their articleship. To add to their woes, they had to attend coaching classes cramped with 400-500 students in a room, wherein a faculty laid more stress on syllabus completion rather than focusing on students’ conceptual clarity and individual development. A CA student thus ended up wasting most of his time in unproductive activities like travelling and managing related stuff.

Under such circumstances, it was unfair on anybody’s part to expect a CA student to devote time, efforts and dedication required for a rigorous course like Chartered Accountancy. Hence, I strongly felt and realised that there was a need to provide a systematic learning environment for CA students which will include CA courses, Graduation courses, Articleship, Hostel and Extra-curricular facilities with State-of-the-art infrastructure all under one roof.

UPACA Gurukul is my heartfelt effort to provide a comprehensive solution for the problems faced by CA students. The philosophy behind UPACA Gurukul makes it a unique concept – that which provides CA teaching, Graduation teaching, Articleship, Hostel and Extra-curricular facilities all in the same campus. I am glad to present to you my brainchild imparting not only CA training but also incorporating various programs of soft skills and vocational courses, thereby shaping the overall growth of students with best surroundings and state-of-the-art-facilities.

-UPACA Gurukul