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For instance, Learning online financial modules of Reliance Mutual Fund through animation.

Sr. No. Program Name Mode Duration Remarks
1 Difference between Savings and Investing Online 15 mins Financial savings & investment concepts explained with simple real life examples
2 How to build a healthy Financial Portfolio Online 15 mins
3 Basics of Goal Planning Online 30 mins
4 Basics of Financial Planning Online 90 mins
5 Financial Planning Mathematics (Excel Based) Online 90 mins
6 How do I Retire Rich Online 15 mins
7 Do’s and Don'ts of Investment Online 15 mins
8 Retirement Planning Online 90 mins
9 Retirement Planning Solutions Online 30 mins Detailed understanding on financial planning with self analysis approach
10 Investor Awareness Program Online 30 mins
11 Power of Compounding Online 15 mins
12 Debt Mutual Funds Simplified Online 15 mins
13 NAV Simplified Online 15 mins
14 Power of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Online 15 mins
15 Decoding the Fact-Sheet Online 30 mins
16 Effective Communication Skills Online 60 mins Skill building with case study based approach
17 Impressive e-mail etiquettes Online 60 mins
18 Time Management Online 60 mins
19 Presentation skills Online 60 mins
20 Intro to Consultative Selling Skills Online 30 mins Game Based Learning
21 Consultative Selling Skills - Simulation Case Study Based Online 60 mins
22 Intro to Transaction Analysis Online 30 mins
23 Transaction Analysis - Simulation Case Study Based Online 60 mins
24 NISM (AMFI Training) - 09 modules + Mock Tests Online 60 mins Make yourself exam ready with detailed understanding on mutual funds

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