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Esha Mahajan (Mumbai)

Firstly I would like to thank Uttam Sir for providing me with such a golden opportunity and my parents who believed in me. It is surely a privilege to be a part of the UPACA family. It has been 10 long months on the campus and I never missed my home and the credit goes to the staff, the faculty and my hostel mates.

UPACA has not only helped me in academics but has given me a chance to introspect myself and explore my true potential. Apart from academics, I have learnt many qualities like management, by working in different committees and organising events, independence and self esteem. Truly speaking UPACA is the best place to Discover True Learning and also Discover True Self. I will always be indebted for all the qualities and true knowledge I have gained here.

I once again thank UPACA for giving me a life changing experience and also Uttam Sir for giving CA aspirants like us a place like this to explore.


“UPACA Gurukul is a visionary idea to solve problems faced by students who are committed to becoming Chartered Accountants. I remember during my days as a student how much of a struggle it was to balance CA studies with articleship and a bachelor's degree in college. Inadvertently, students end up having to compromise on one of the above - resulting in either poor attendance in college, a sub-standard articleship experience or lack of focus on CA studies; in extreme cases, all of the above. Having a one stop solution for all needs of CA students is a great solution to this problem.

One of the key barriers for students pursuing CA is the lack of focus, being distracted into multiple other courses most often due to peer pressure. Guess what? UPACA is an entire ecosystem purely dedicated to CA. No distractions = better focus = great results. It was my privilege to be part of this initiative during my tenure at Uttam Abuwala and Co. - an opportunity only a visionary like CA Uttam Prakash Agarwal could have offered to a fresher like me.

Working under his guidance has indeed played a major role in building a strong foundation for my career.”

Khushiram Tola (Nepal) ARTICLE + IPCC STUDENT

What is an articleship?
According to people it is practical training that CA students undergo when they are through their IPCC group 1 or either of the groups as per the new course.
However, according to me articleship is something more than that. Articleship should not only comprise of filing tax returns, learning the documentation, and learning about audit and audit procedures. Filing of tax returns and documentation is something that anyone can do. But as an article we should know more about the emerging issues that come up around the world.
Taxation and auditing however are diminishing in their field of scope but there are bigger platforms such as international taxation, private equity investment, venture capital and treasury to know about and work on.
I, as an article, want to learn these things rather than following a traditional earning framework that all articles follow. I, as an article, aspire to become an industry specific Chartered Accountant. Very few students learn about crypto currencies and have some research done, whereas these issues are of significance. Henceforth, my articleship journey should be full of knowledge and research done over topics that have weight, importance and stature.
So here I am at UPACA Gurukul, where Uttam Abuwala & Co. provides industry based articleship, for a better and a brighter future, where I will have a name made for myself already before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.
Be Different. Be Successful.