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Educating Smart Way Of Chartered Accountancy 


Inspired by our age-old tradition of Gurukul, where a student had to stay at his Guru’s Ashram (Gurukul) to gain knowledge and professional excellence as well as develop his spiritual personality and social etiquettes, CA Uttam Prakash Agarwal has envisioned the UPACA GURUKUL. He has created a first-of-its-kind , exclusive, fully-integrated campus that provides all the facilities under one roof to students aspiring to study Chartered Accountancy, Finance and related Streams.

UPACA GURUKUL is a truly global, inspiring campus that the students deserve and one that offers them an academic experience that enriches studies, broadens their cultural horizons and develops key skills that are valued by employers, to assure them a successful future. Our aim is to ensure that by the time our students finish their education here, they are work-ready, professional and adaptable to succeed in an increasingly competitive and global jobs market place.

At UPACA GURUKUL, we believe that starting your studies from a strong position shapes your future success. Hence our endeavor is to create and nurture a vibrant and leading learning ecosystem. Our students are at the heart ofall our endeavors as we want to deliver to them an outstanding educational experience. To achieve the highest possible standards of teaching excellence, you will be taught by academics who are leaders in their field and are just as passionate about your subject as you are. They will challenge you and encourage you to explore, question and discover. They will combine the best of face-to-face and digital learning with activities that will enhance your academic success and your employability. The educational framework at UPACA GURUKUL is continually recalibrated to align it to the needs of the Corporate World.UPACA GURUKUL thus offers the perfect combination of top-grade teaching, world-class facilities and a fantastic, life changing student experience.